1. Abe Books: A source of inexpensive classic bridge books.
  2. ABS Manual: The ACBL’s Teacher Manual for teachers of school kids aged 11-13. This manual is like sitting in the classroom yourself, listening to author Kitty Cooper. There are 16 lessons. [ABS is undefined, but possibly stands for American Bridge School.] The manual is a 107-page PDF.
  3. ABTA: American Bridge Teachers’ Association. While this site is focused on the teacher’s perspective, it does offer some good bridge tips and a way to purchase paper books and e-books. Members (ie, anyone who registers as a teacher) have access to hundreds of hands and lesson plans.
  4. Adventures in Bridge: Robert Todd’s site. He is an outstanding teacher. He is an associate of Audrey Grant. You can download his dozens of lessons and subscribe to his weekly column. You should at least download his outstanding 22-page free bidding guide “TWiB 0.”
  5. AG Bridge Teachers: This is another bridge site for teachers, particularly teachers who follow the Audrey Grant (AG) methods.
  6. American Contract Bridge League: The principal site for American bridge players. At the bottom of the homepage, look for “Learn and Improve.” This section will show you free manuals and free software for learning bridge.
  7. Baron Barclay: The principal US site for bridge supplies. You may buy cards, books, software, and trinkets here. Their service is excellent. You must enter your ACBL number to see their lowest prices.
  8. Best eBridge: An awesome teaching site by Moti Gelbard. The site has 1,000s of deals for you to bid, play, or defend correctly, organized by topic (Stayman, Transfers, Preempts, etc). Moti gives the correct answer to each deal. The site offers many video lessons, too. We are a member of this site. For a 1 month free trial from Moti, please log in with this link:
  9. A teaching site by David Warlick (me). These are downloadable lessons from our classes at the Decatur Recreation Center and the Decatur YMCA (Decatur, GA). In general, each lesson is one chapter from a bridge book. Most of the bridge books were authored by Audrey Grant or the ACBL.
  10. Beverly Hills Bridge Club: This club provides access to Mike Savage’s beautifully produced one-page guides to numerous conventions. You can jump to Mike’s Google Drive from the BHBC.
  11. Blue Chip Bridge: An English site that sells Blue Chip software. Relevant to American players, the site also provides Blue Chip MiniBridge for free. MiniBridge is a joint effort between the ACBL and the English Bridge Union. Similar to 19th Century bridge (ie, no Dummy, no bidding), MiniBridge is an easy way to learn bridge basics from your computer.
  12. Bridge 7: A Turkish site that offers online bridge lessons and a bidding system.
  13. Bridge Apps: We include several Android apps in this ordered list. We like the listed apps. In addition, there are dozens of other bridge apps. These apps (and their scores) include Bridge Quiz, Bridge Score Calculator (5.0); Bridge Calculator Pro (4.6); Pocket Bridge (4.5); Bridge CC Analyzer (4.3); Bridge Bidding Box, Bridge Quizzes, Call Bridge, Fun Bridge (4.2); Bridge Bandit, Bridge Calculator, Bridge Notes, Bridge Scoring, Bridge Solver, Bridge Timer, and Ultimate Bridge (4.1).
  14. Bridge Base Inc: A major vendor of bridge software. Some of the software is free.
  15. Bridge Base Online: The principal site for online play and tournaments. You can earn Masterpoints here. You can also learn bridge with the site’s “Learn to Play Bridge” e-books.
  16. Bridge Bears: A teaching site by retired teacher Ralph Welton. This site is awesome for teaching basic concepts slowly, simply, and clearly. Ralph uses Standard American bidding. You won’t find an easier-to-understand site.
  17. Bridge Bidding Teacher’s Workshop: A tool that allows teachers to create and save drills. These drills are awesome for learning how to evaluate and play specific situations. Teachers may share their lessons with other teachers. The site has one public lesson from Theodore M. Dunn.
  18. Bridge Blogging: A teacher site for multiple teachers. There is an abundance of bridge topics here. The site has links to approximately 50 teacher’s blogs.
  19. Bridge Bum: A teaching site that explains 130+ conventions. The site also has articles, history of bridge, Defense, and Play.
  20. Bridge Clues: A teaching site by Anne Lund and Mike Lawrence. The site offers a daily problem. You can also subscribe for more problems. An awesome feature of the site is their white paper MikeLawrence_BiddingPlayDefs, which is 13 pages of everything bridge, from point count to Smolen.
  21. Bridge Doctor: A teaching site. The instruction is free. There are 22 beginner lessons. For a fee, you can also play online.
  22. Bridge Guys: The best of all bridge sites. The site is huge, including Conventions, Glossary, Home Page I, Home Page II,  and Links. Moreover, the site is intentionally disorganized, because Raymond wants you to browse.
    1. Conventions: A direct link to the conventions on Bridge Guys. Every known convention has a full printable Pdf explanation.
    2. Glossary: A direct link to the glossary on Bridge Guys. Every known bridge term is defined.
    3. Home Page I: The original home page. Some information is here, some at Home Page II.
    4. Home Page II: Raymond says his site got too big for just one home page!
    5. Links: Find all known bridge sites here.
  23. Bridge Hands: A teaching site by Michael Nistler. All the lessons are awesome videos, about 20 – 30 minutes each, at the Intermediate Plus level. We are a paid member of this site. As a teacher, you may subscribe with coupon code D2F7892 at:
  24. Bridge Sights: An awesome teaching site by Howard Schultzman. Howard makes available hundreds of free video tutorials (Video. Sights. Get it?). Howard also sells complete video workshops by very famous teachers, but these are sold at eBridge Workshops.
  25. Bridge Teaching by Kitty Cooper: Kitty is the premiere teacher of student bridge. She wrote the ACBL Teachers’ Manual for students 11-13 years old (ie, Link #2 on this page). Her site contains some tools for teaching students, particularly tools for use with MiniBridge.
  26. Bridge Winners: Articles and content for intermediate players.
  27. Bridge with Dan: A sales site about systems. Dan Neill sells approximately 50 complete and famous bidding systems, such as Meck Lite, Polish, and Precision. These proven systems are ready for you and your partner to print, memorize, tweak, and use.
  28. Bridge with Patty!: Atlanta’s most famous teacher. Patty is a recent past president of the American Bridge Teachers’ Association. Her site lists the courses that Patty teaches in Atlanta. She also posts some lessons for intermediate or better players: drill down from “Home” to “What Would Patty Do?” to find many bidding problems with Patty’s advice. Patty is a prolific author of ABTA Book of the Year workbooks, which you can buy at Whirlwind Bridge.
  29. Bridge World: This would be Ely Culbertson’s site if he were still alive. Ely founded Bridge World magazine, KEM Playing Cards, Culbertson Bridge Schools, and other enterprises. The site offers free problems, quizzes, and lessons. It also posts an excellent downloadable bidding system, the Bridge World Standard (last updated January 2017).
  30. Carnegie Mellon Bridge Club: Brian Bankler maintains the awesome bidding system posted at CMU. His outline makes for a great intermediate course.
  31. Collegiate Bridge Bowl: This site is a forum for college students to discuss intercollegiate bridge events.
  32. Compton, Donna: An awesome teacher site called Teach Better Bridge. Donna is a lawyer, world champion, bridge-club owner, and teacher. Many of her lessons are available for very low prices, such as $1.29 each.
  33. Contract Bridge: A teaching site with one lesson. This site is for someone who has never played bridge before. It is perhaps the best introduction to contract bridge.
  34. Cornelius, Paul: An awesome teacher site called Fernside. Paul is a photographer so he does not offer many bridge lessons. However, the few lessons that he posts are world class. BridgeGuys recognize Paul’s ability to explain complex topics, so their site links to Paul. The posted lessons are very analytical, giving you the best practices from all the books and literature that Paul reads.
  35. English Bridge: The site of English Bridge Education and Development. EBED offers many links to additional information about learning and teaching bridge. They also have the definitive history of bridge.
  36. Fun Bridge: An online play site. The software is free. The first 100 hands are free. After that, additional hands are about 5¢ each. Multiple daily tournaments are free with a copayment (ie, a monthly subscription).
  37. Gersten, Brian: A teacher site called Quickstart. Brian offers a syllabus and samples of many lessons.
  38. Glossary: Audrey Grant defines most of the terms we use in bridge.
  39. Grange, Ryden: A teacher site called Mr. Bridge. Ryden offers many years, perhaps all years, of the British magazine Bridge. The magazine is similar to the US Bridge Bulletin.
  40. Great Bridge Links: This is the only bridge link that you need, as it is an awesome website of great bridge links.
  41. Great Game Products: A sales site for electronic bridge. The company makes Bridge Baron software. It also packages Patty Tucker’s lessons into $10 Kindle ebooks. Sometimes there are sales.
  42. Hilton Head Island Bridge Blog: A awesome teaching site by Fred Ferguson. Hundreds of lessons are indexed, on the right side of the home page. Each lesson is fairly short. Click on Glossary for a comprehensive but not overwhelming list of bridge terms.
  43. Hoyle’s Games Modernized: Play of the hand as of 1909 (nb: Bidding systems evolve over time, but the concepts of play have remained the same since the mid 1700’s). This is the last work published by the estate of Edmond Hoyle. He was first player to reduce Whist to scientific principles. This volume contains approximately 90 pages on Auction Bridge and Whist.
  44. Jaz Class: An awesome teaching site by Michael Furstner. Michael teaches Beginning, Intermediate, Conventions, and Bidding Systems. Perhaps no site is better at explaining why some modern practices are distortions rather than improvements from Charles Goren’s system (nb: Goren published his last and best edition of New Bridge Complete in 1986). Michael also offers basic, intermediate, and advanced bidding guides.
  45. Kantar, Eddie: A sales site by one of bridge’s foremost players and tacticians. His 72 lessons range from $3.50 to $5 each (or $2.30 each as a full set). Since Eddie is a comedian, there is also a lot of free comedy on this site.
  46. Lawrence, Michael: A teacher site that is newer and spiffier than his Bridge Clues site. Mike offers all his books, of course, but there are also 100s of free bridge problems with Mike’s solutions.
  47. Lindrop, David: A teacher page on Audrey Grant’s website. David is Audrey’s husband. On this page, David discusses several conventions.
  48. Martel, Claire: A teacher site called Claire Bridge. Claire offers a huge website of bridge information.
  49. Master Point Press: A major bridge publisher, printer, and seller of paper, electronic, and honors books.
  50. MiniBridge: The ACBL rules for playing and scoring MiniBridge.
  51. Neural Play, Bridge by: An Android app that allows you to choose whether to bid, play, or both. All modes are great practice. If you choose bid, then before making each bid click on “hint” to confirm that the computer agrees with your bid and logic.
  52. Northern Colorado DBC: A site. The club has an excellent teaching program that is worth emulating in how this club teaches from the ACBL books. The site also has many pdf lessons under the “Player’s Corner” tab.
  53. OK Bridge: An online site offering play, masterpoints, and tournaments. Membership is free for one week.
  54. Origins and History of Bridge: This is a an interesting PDF posted at the English Bridge Union.
  55. Pagat: This is a one-page site, offering a complete introductory lesson to Contract Bridge, perhaps the best single lesson on bridge. The lesson says, “The explanation is intended for people who have some experience of cards and card games, but no knowledge of Bridge.”
  56. PlayBridge: This site allows teachers to deal hands with teachable characteristics. In addition, the site has an awesome collection of links, organized by bridge organizations, clubs, and teachers. Our link is to their links, not to their dealing apparatus.
  57. PolyU2010BC: A teaching site by Tom Tsang of the Honk Kong Polytechnic University Bridge Club. He introduces bridge in just 7 lessons. First lesson is MiniBridge. Second Lesson is BridgeIt. Latter lessons rely on a modern bidding system.
  58. Porthcawl DBC: A Welsh bridge club. The site offers an awesome selection of tutorials on various bridge topics. The tutorials are multi-page. Just click the “Print” button beside each tutorial.
  59. Quickstart Bridge Lessons: A teaching site by Brian Gersten. He offers three awesome classes — Beginning Bridge I, Beginning Bridge II, and Beginning Play of the Hand. Each class has 6 downloadable lessons. Just click on “sample” beside each lesson.
  60. Regina Bridge Club: A duplicate-bridge club in Canada. If you drill down from “Home,” to “Learn to Play,” to “Bridge Conventions,” you will find approximately 120 awesome lessons on advanced bridge topics. All may be downloaded.
  61. Richmond Bridge Club: A duplicate-bridge club in Virginia. If you drill down from “Home,” to “Friendly Bridge,” to “Lesson Handouts,” you will find approximately 200 awesome lessons on beginner to advanced bridge topics. All may be downloaded.
  62. RP Bridge: A teaching site by Richard Pavlicek. Richard offers free awesome lessons for beginners. He has complete curricula for teachers at a one-time fee. For clear explanations, delightful illustrations, and multiple quizzes, Richard has the best site.
  63. Thrift Books: The best site for used, classic bridge books. Buy your books in “very good” or better condition to avoid any marks from previous owners.
  64. Tools to Upgrade Your Game: A 2-page PDF compiled by David Taylor. The PDF lists David’s recommendations, by bridge topic, on what books you should read and what software you should buy. His PDF does not have hyperlinks.
  65. Walker, Karen: A teaching site by Karen Walker. Karen offers about 75 free awesome lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. She also sells her 18th-edition 108-page beginning book for $13 postage free.
  66. Warlick, David: A teaching site by David Warlick. David offers curriculum for teaching Audrey Grant courses.
  67. WeWeWeb Bridge: A commercial site where visitors may play online bridge. If you drill down from “Home,” to “Tutorial,” to “The Bridge How To,” you will find a short lesson on beginning bridge. There is also an excellent app of the same name for your cell phone.
  68. Yuen: A blog site by advanced-player Mike Yuen. He does a lot of blogging, primarily about interesting hands from tournaments. Mike offers an awesome site for learning what might or might not work on bringing home your contract.

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